The Clarendon
Heavenly Bodies

The Moon

Our badge and logo are two special artefacts found at the palace.

The crescent (turned on its side to make a C for Clarendon) was found during the clearance of the site in the 1990s near the Antioch Chamber, in the King’s Apartments. This find increased the national collection to a total of three, all from Clarendon, two recovered in the 1930s.

The lead crescent, diameter c 650mm maybe the moon.

The Star

The other artefact maybe the sun, the largest of the five recovered being some 600 x 600mm.

These too came from the royal apartments, including the Antioch Chamber.

They date from c 1250 when they are recorded for the Antioch Chamber as ‘scintillis’, literally sparks, but distinct from ‘stella’ a star, and not ‘sol’, sun.

Scientific analysis shows they were sized and gilded.


They have been much debated and are mysterious and exciting objects. Interpretations range from:

Nonetheless they remain delightful and enigmatic artefacts, and in combination at Clarendon unique in the national archaeological record.

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