1253 Queen's tiled floor

Henry III ordered a new tiled floor for Queen Eleanor's (Eleanor of Provence) chamber.

(Detail of tiles from complete floor display in the British Museum).

Pavement for web


The circular pavement was designed and laid in the King's (Henry III) chapel. (On display in the British Museum).

1220 Salis cath


c 1220

New Sarum (Salisbury) was established and on 28 April, the foundation stones for the Cathedral were laid.

A Gothic landscape of palace and cathedral was evolving.


Edward the Black Prince’s illegitimate son, Roger of Clarendon born.


Edward II enlarged the park.

Perhaps following his first recorded visit in February that year.

At 1737ha (4292 acres) it was the largest park in medieval England, and about the size of the park today.

1200 Gyrfalcon


1200 c

Gyrfalcons brought to Clarendon for the king. These were the largest of the hunting birds, and were usually only used by royalty.


c 1250

Queen’s window glass included an image of the queen praying to the Virgin and child.

‘Prince Edward’ chamber documented.




c 1237-1245

Traditional dating of kiln and circular pavement in the King's chapel; pavement dated to 1244 .


Money spent on renovations at the palace, including a fireplace for ‘the dancing-chamber’, plus extensive repairs to the park pale, which was ‘partly in ruins’.

Deer leap


A deerleap constructed and repairs made to the ‘Lodge on the Laund’ and to various rooms at the palace ‘against the coming of the king at hunting-time’.


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