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  • 1320 Edward II hunt

    1320 or 1326

    Edward II visited to hunt and took ‘88 great fallow bucks and 14 [young bucks]’ in the park.


    Work on the royal lodgings carried out ‘against the king’s coming’ from July.

    1327 -1377 Edward III


    reign of Edward III.


    Edward III’s first visit, aged 18, in November.

    1331 Philippa of Hainault


    Edward III orders the manor of Clarendon to be prepared for Queen Philippa’s confinement the following year.

    In the event the baby was born at Woodstock.


    Swanimote court hears of break-in at Clarendon to steal the king’s sparrowhawks.

    1334 Hermit in forest


    Royal protection of one year given to brother John of Warwick, a hermit dwelling in Clarendon Forest ‘and his men, seeking alms’.


    Edward III orders new coppices to be made in the park, which were enclosed in 1336 with low hedges.

    They are probably the coppices that survive today.

    1341- 1344

    The high-status ‘Lodge on the Laund’ built, probably opposite the palace to the north near the present Queen Manor Farm.

    It comprised a hall, two chambers with chimneys and garderobes, a cellar with a pantry and buttery, and its own kitchen, larder and stable.

    1346 Murder in park


    Robbers enter the ‘king’s precinct’ of Clarendon and kill a man before dumping him in a ditch in the park.

    1348 Black Death


    Black Death killed 60% of the population.

    Tradition of Edward III visiting.

    Major building works during succeeding decade.


    Major reroofing project, 64,000 tiles ordered – the most common artefact found today on the site, 1,000 hip tiles and 50 ridge tiles (crests).

    1355 Roger Mortimer


    Roger Mortimer, 2nd Earl of March becomes warden of Clarendon Forest.

    Also 16 men with persons unknown, by force and carrying arms break into Clarendon Park and hunt deer there with cords and snares.

    1355 Rabbits


    Rabbits and hares managed.

    High status food before 1350.


    Edward the Black Prince’s illegitimate son, Roger of Clarendon born.


    Black Prince victorious at Poitiers.

    1357 Three kings hunt at Clarendon


    Traditional date for the hunt of Edward III and the captive kings, John II (France) and David II (Scotland), at Clarendon.

    Picture shows King Edward and King David.


    Great Hall reroofed etc.

    1362 Great Wind


    A ‘Great Wind’ strikes southern England, destroying many structures including Clarendon’s Park pale.

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