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John Biset

Probably a forester. Keeper of the Forests this side Trent 1238. Justice of the Forest 1239 - 1241
1238 & 1241 told to give 3 oak tree stumps to the hermit at Britford. Also giving out deer from Fakenham forest.
In his role as Keeper of the Forests, did he give the orders for the tree stumps for the hermit?
VCH Wilts. p.433; CPR cop.5, 22 May 1238

John le Archer

Probably a forester.
Gives land to Henry de Dun (Farleg') during the 1240s and 1250s. Commits trespass in April1249.
A David le Archer is accused of trespass in Clarendon Forest in May 1262.
CCR 17 Oct 1251 & CIV 2, No.433, APRIL1249; CCR 7 May 1262


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